Photoneta family and wedding photography is run by Tomas in Bristol, UK. We work in partnership with other professional photographers and stylists delivering great service at affordable prices. We are passionate about our job, and we absolutely love taking amazing photographs for people like You. We are friendly, easy going and we listen to our customers needs.


About our photography style

Photography is an art and a creative process.

At weddings we document your day from the morning to the evening as it happens, but we also make sure there are plenty of beautiful posed formal images for Your album. Great light, happy smiles and graceful poses are the key ingredients that define our work. We love to create images that are colourful, bright, timeless and simply beautiful – a true masterpiece for the generations. On the other hand, quirky colours and heavy vintage filters may be “in fashion today”, however they will almost certainly go out of fashion and may look odd in just a few years. This is why we work in classical style; however if you insist we are happy to supply a few fancy edits to share with friends.

We know just how much effort and expense goes into choosing the right wedding dress, the rings and accessories, and the preparation of wedding decorations. We therefore artistically document every detail before the ceremony in high-end commercial style.

The bridal preparation is often rushed and overlooked. The groom would simply never see the emotions and close family moments hidden behind the curtains. We think it is a very important integral part of the day and we work hard to deliver the very best. The second photographer would similarly photograph the groom getting ready and spending his last moments before the wedding.

The ceremony is the most sacred part of the day. We understand that it is all about you and the congregation so we do our best to be unobtrusive and quiet, but still produce amazing stills and footage of the key moments.

After the ceremony we take formal group photographs of the whole congregation and then concentrate on posed closer family images. The bride and groom portraits form the key part of our work. We would normally spend around 1-2  hours with couple on the beautiful venue grounds. The family will love the elegant classical portraits. We will also make modern stylish images that have high fashion and magazine advert look, or perhaps something else entirely different. It is your call!

Our albums and wall products

We can supply a range of different albums to suit your needs and budget. Our top of the range offering includes the industry-leading Italian GraphiStudio wedding books. There is simply no better way to display your wedding day photographs.

We also offer extra large framed prints, canvas and the modern aluminium prints from the leading UK’s professional photo labs. They are an amazing way to decorate your home and keep the memories of your special day. The durability of the prints is just as important – and we are confident our products will last over many generations.

Photoneta is LongLensPhotography brand. © 2014 Daugirdas Tomas Racys

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